Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Main Points of Difference Between Loose Tea and Bagged Tea

Lately it has been seen that people love the idea of tea that is prepared instantly using the tea bags and avoid using the loose tea. Let us take a look whether it is good for health too or not. For this we will compare the pros and cons of the loose tea and tea bags. No doubt the market of tea bags has evolved and grown in the recent years seeing to the preference of the people for tea bags and you can get some excellent bagged teas in the market. Even a number of reputed tea exporters manufacture superior quality tea bags.

The key point of difference between the loose tea and the tea in the tea bags is the size of the tea leaves. That's what has a great impact on the resulting cup of tea that you have prepared. Tea leaves comprise of several chemicals and oils that are good for health as well as the reason behind the relishing flavor and aroma of the drink. When the tea leaves are fragmented, it is quite possible that those oils will evaporate, thus leaving behind a dull and flavorless tea. The standard green berry tea bags and tea bags of other types of teas contain the smallest broken pieces of the tea leaves, which are referred to as the fannings. On the other hand, loose teas have whole tea leaves or larger pieces of these leaves.

Apart from the leaf size, another differentiating aspect is the space aspect. The leaves require space to enlarge, spread out and unfurl. Excellent water circulation around the leaves plays a significant role that is not typically possible in a confined small tea bag.

So to conclude, loose tea provided by tea exporter India is a better option as compared to the green berry tea bags or any other variety of bagged tea. If it is possible and it is not such a difficult thing, then go for the loose tea that is healthy and full or flavor rather than the bagged tea that has minimal flavor and is devoid of the healthy ingredients that are present in the loose tea. Just one good thing about bagged teas is that these are available in a lot many varieties and can be prepared in minutes. But, if it takes a little time more for preparing a cup of tea with loose teas, then there is no harm in it as it is much healthier and tasty. Now you have to decide which drink to choose.


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