Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Major Health Benefits Offered By Black Tea

The main thing that differentiates black tea form the other tea varieties is that it is the most oxidized of all of them. On account of this increased oxidation, in comparison to its counterparts that are not oxidized to this level, the black tea is more enriched in caffeine and is also more flavorful. Another difference is that after processing, this beverage retains its flavor for a longer period of time, than the time for which the flavor is retained by other teas. Here are various reasons because of which this drink is considered good for the health.

The black tea is rich in antioxidants which is the reason for the most of the heath advantages offered by this drink. It is made from the camellia plant. It has large amounts of polyphenol that is a type of antioxidant as well as other antioxidants that are useful in preventing hearing loss, brain injuries and potentially, Parkinson's disease. Tea is obtained in varied flavors these days. Earlier, tea was not considered a healthy beverage.
Secondly, black tea is very effective in preventing and treating the cardiovascular problems that are faced by lots of people. It has been evident from a number of studies that as the people increase the consumption of this drink; a lot of improvement was visible in the cardiovascular problems they were suffering from. As per a certain research, the regular drinking of this beverage results in reversing of the endothelial vasomotor dysfunction, which causes more chronic coronary diseases. This way it helps to fight the coronary artery problem.
Due to the fact that the black tea, similar to greenberry tea, is considerably low in sodium, fat and calories, if you drink this drink of excellent quality without adding any sweeteners to it, then you would be able to lose weight or keep a check on your weight. Hence, by avoiding the intake of unhealthy soft drinks, hard drinks or coffee and substituting it with intake of black tea, you are actually avoiding the intake of calories resulting in the weight gain. Additionally, this habit also boosts the health of the body. Consuming high contents of sodium or fats leads to several lethal health ailments. So it is a healthy option to choose black tea instead. So, search for a credible black tea supplier for getting pure and high grade black tea and start drinking two to three cups of black tea regularly for good health.


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